Landscape Illumination
 Outdoor Lighting

Our  landscape lighting services provide beautiful and distinctive outdoor lighting for homes and commercial properties of distinction 

Your property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Why only enjoy it during the day? Landscape lighting not only highlights your landscaping, it also displays your properties architectural features to their best advantage.

Underwater, Path and Deck lighting provides a warm and inviting atmosphere for residents and guests. Wall Washers and Well Lights create great night scenes of tranquility, ambiance and elegance.

Prepare to impress friends and neighbors with the beauty and elegance of top-of-the-line landscape lighting.

Outdoor lighting provides not only beauty, but safety and security as well. Lights work as a theft deterrent . Landscape lights also provide clear views of patios, docks, pathways and entrances.

 Award winning  landscape lighting and design specialists, would like to show you how an artistically designed outdoor lighting system can add that subtle WOW factor to your home, garden, deck, dock, or pool area. With our many satisfied clients  we are the  most experienced and professional landscape lighting company around.

We use a variety of lighting techniques to achieve our clients' goals.

The Property Illumination aesthetics we produce are dramatic, thoughtful - and thoroughly practical. They make the most of your yard, your patios and porches, your plantings, your pool (or outdoor recreation area) - and your properties architectural features.

Landscape  Lighting offers so many benefits, like:

Enhancing your Safety and Security
Increasing your properties Value and Curb Appeal
Creating a Resort-Like Atmosphere
Highlighting the Architectural Features of your Home
Developing Focal Points in your Landscape
Expanding your Outdoor Living Space
Extending Views from Inside your Home

Some of the types of lights we use as elements within our design include:

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Lights placed at ground level with the lights aiming upward to highlight focal points in the landscape, such as
specimen trees, signs, and architectural features. The lights not only highlight features from the outside, but
they also provide for an extension of the interior living spaces at night. Fixtures of this type may include spot
or flood lights as well as in-ground fixtures.


Lights placed above an object or area and aimed downward to imitate natural light such as simulating moonlight,
or for providing security to an area, such as at back entrance. Care should be taken to hide or shield these light
fixtures from view to create a true natural light. Fixtures of this type include spot or flood lights.


Lights placed behind artistic objects or plant material to cast a silhouette on a wall for a striking effect. As with
downlights, care should be taken to place the fixtures so that they are hidden from view. Lights of this type
may include spot or flood lights as well as in-ground fixtures.


Lights placed just above grade level along sidewalks, driveways, or informal paths in the landscape to safely lead
a person from one location to another. Path light fixtures are generally low to the ground and cast a spreading light.

Specialty lights:

Lights that add accent to a space, especially in the evening. Their purpose is to set a particular mood or create
atmosphere. Examples of specialty lights include string lights in a gazebo, lights that resemble patio torches and/or
flickering flames, and lights used in underwater settings to highlight a waterfall or rock bank. We also provide Holiday
lighting and Palm tree displays.

We use only top of the line products with a manufacturer's warranty.

We never compromise on our fixtures, our design
or our final product.