Lawn and Ornamental

Pest services

White fly treatments

chinch bugs




general lawn pests

Our Pest treatment is one of the most exstensive avaliable , we target on  the specific species of plants, grass, shrubs, and flowers and custom treat to suite the individual landscape on the property 


Lawn Spray services

We specialize in Nutrient lawn spray services. Our product is safely  applied on everything in your yard, Lawn, Plants, Trees, Shrubs and even your Garden. Our service is completely safe for your family, pets and the environment.

When you see the results from our  nutrient spray, you will never settle for anything else! Our nutrient spray improves soil quality to promote year round healthy growth. It will reduce your watering needs and makes your lawn more drought resistant which helps Florida save water.


Fertilzer services

Our Granular service provides the utmost in nutrient and weed control with a slow release formular for

year round health and great looks . provided 4 times annually. Weed Control, Flowering enhancement, intergated pest management, fungas control  these are many of the options avaliable  to promote great lusious landscape